Make your event at YCSA

When renting the spaces at YCSA you will have at your disposal equipped and spacious areas to receive your guests with great comfort and security.

Social or corporate events are much better because they have an environment surrounded by nature on all sides.

The auditorium, rooms, lounge, apartments, accommodation, restaurant and snack bar are available.

All spaces are spacious and comfortable, offering infrastructure with wireless connection and broadband, multimedia projectors, small projection screens and
large and audio equipment.

The place has parking with capacity for 150 vehicles.

Enjoy of all the advantages and make your social or corporate event at YCSA.

Next, learn more about each area.

Capacity of areas

Hall Star + Finn + balcony250 people
Event space (Laser + Optimist + Finn)250 people
Laser room100 people
Optimist room40 people
Auditorium50 people
Apartments6 suites (2 people)
Accommodation7 rooms (60 people total)

Area dimencion

Star room (main)14,3 x 8,0 m
Finn room (fireplace)8,4 x 6,3 m
Optimist room7,2 x 6,8 m
Laser room13,6 x 6,2 m
Auditorium10,0 x 6,6 m

Make your event at YCSA